Privet, Provintsiya
03/2018 /More

A transmedial art show combining photographs, poetry, sound recordings and music, a full house and free vodka - the PROVINTSIYA event in Haus der Poesie just had it all....

By: Rike / Allgemein
Round not Square On The Rugs
09/2017 /More
By: Rike / Allgemein
Of Swine and Men
08/2017 /More

German has a plethora of sayings drawing comparisons with pigs. Crazy driving? You drive “like a singed pig”. You threw a party and nobody came? “Not a swine was...

By: Rike / Funny stories
Paul Rietzl: Portrait
10/2016 /More

Paul was born in 1986. He lives and works as an illustrator and freelance artist in Augsburg, Germany. He thinks when drawing. And he thinks a lot. Paul is...

By: Ioan / Funny stories
Comics und Buchrollen
09/2016 /More

Was ist ein Comic? Wo fängt das Medium an und wo hört es auf? Die einen erkennen bereits in steinzeitlichen Höhlenmalereien die ersten Belege der Comickunst, für andere ist...

By: Ioan / New and newer / #Art, #Autumn, #Comics, #Daniel Lieske, #Dark Knight, #Design, #Graphic Novel, #Medium, #Paul Rietzl, #Round not Square, #Scott McCloud, #Scrolls, #Shipwreck, #Wilhelm Busch, #Wormworld Saga
I Never Read
07/2016 /More

Me neither. I know that art can be worth a thousand words. That one can feel the hours of work that went into selecting the right paper for a...

By: Ioan / Books & Scrolls
Summer in the City
06/2016 /More

Summer is here! The sun is shining and the sky is blue, it’s getting warmer and warmer, bees are humming – you get the picture – and everybody who...

By: Antonia Stolz / Allgemein
In retrospect: “Eurylochus” – Vernissage
05/2016 /More

We celebrated the opening of our exhibition of Simon Becker’s photographs from our art book „Eurylochus“. This was special to us for various reasons. One obviously being that we...

By: Antonia Stolz / Allgemein
The book is dead: long live the book!
10/2015 /More

Recently, someone told me that “there’s a reason why books have pages and scrolls are not longer used”. Although I was a bit vexed at first, I must admit...

By: Ioan / Books & Scrolls
24h left for the Kickstarter Campaign!
07/2015 /More

Dear friends, dear backers, dear interested people of the world, We have 24 hours to go for our crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. These past weeks have been amazing and...

By: Ioan / New and newer
Scroll Production: Nerds & Vintage Wine
07/2015 /More

As our kickstarter is slowly coming to an end, time will come to focus on production – again. You remember how we wrote about starting the first prototype on...

By: Ioan / Our story
Winners of Capturing Movement
06/2015 /More

We did this great photo mission together with the amazing EyeEm community. The results? about 8.000 pictures handed in over 2.000 photographers from all around the world took part...

By: Antonia Stolz / Books & Scrolls
10 days to go…
06/2015 /More

Our Crowdfunding Campaign on is online for over three weeks now and we are very happy: Since last week we are fully funded (still makes my heart jump...

By: Antonia Stolz / New and newer
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