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Told in a single illustration without disruptions and full of details and possibilities, this is a classic retold like you have certainly never seen before.


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Every child knows the story of Little Red Riding Hood. Our parents told it to us as their parents did before and so on and so on. But who is still afraid of wolves – and who has ever seen a real wolf strolling through the woods in full light anyways?

Wilma, our little heroine, knows very well how to handle a wolf should he venture to come out of his fairytale existence. What she doesn’t expect is coming across a most innocent backpacker-wolf who unsuccessfully tries to fit into a hostile human world. Their encounter turns out to be legendary and wickedly funny.


Born in Portugal, Luisa Stenzel lives and works in Dresden, Germany. She has spent most of her life drawing things and animating them. After studying in Münster and Lisbon, she now works full-time as an illustrator.

Luisa has a very special gift for the funny and absurd, expressing moods and feelings through intelligent and witty drawings. She loves putting her finger on those little details and changes that make a story live. These new perspectives are bringing not only unusual twists to the storyline but also change traditional roles and long-foreseen traps.

A young mother herself, Luisa sparkles with ideas. But she also knows that even the most elaborate children’s books are no good if the adults can’t find their own way through it. To rewrite a classic is in many ways the masterpiece in the art of capturing an audience, but Luisa virtuously plays with the difficulties and chances it brings to work with such well and commonly known material. The wealth of details in the undisrupted flow of the storyline and the richness of facets in characters – from the so-not-a-victim Wilma to the charming, Yoga-loving grandma – make it easy to fall in love with this scroll, Luisa and even the wolf.

Juliane Streich – Text

Living the life of a Lo-Fi-Boheme, Juliane works as a writer and journalist for local and national media in Leipzig, Germany. With her sense of humor and her distinctive style she contributed to making Wilma and Wolf as witty, funny and dry as it is.

Carrie Byrne – Translation, English text

Carrie was born and raised in South Africa in a big and lively family. She studied social sciences with a consequently global approach, and now lives and works as a copywriter and translator in Berlin, Germany. Her sensitive approach and outstanding feel for language make the book in English as original as it is in German.


ONE SINGLE ILLUSTRATION – Follow the story through one single illustration over 10m long

HANDMADE IN BERLIN – All books are printed, bound and handcrafted in Berlin

AVAILABLE IN GERMAN, ENGLISH & FRENCH – Wilma and Wolf is available in three languages. All versions are charming, unique and filled with originality

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