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Beyond Curtains


Iran, the unknown country. Outside the world of global politics, we know very little about it, about its people. What do they like, how do they live? In her book Behind Closed Curtains, Lena Späth introduces Iranians from across the country willing to offer glimpses into their beautifully designed homes.
For our scroll
Beyond Curtains, Lena and her photographer Hamed Farhangi have visited exceptional Iranian houses – and proven yet again how exceptional modern-day Iranian architecture and design are.

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In Russia, everywhere outside of Moskow or St. Petersburg is considered provincial. Just that the cities out there in the Russian hinterland easily reach several hundred thousand to over a million inhabitants. Poet Hendrik Jackson and photographer Heinrich Völkel have visited five of those provincial capitals: In Provintsiya they document their journey to Arkhangelsk, Astrakhan, Volgograd, Ulyanovsk and Kaliningrad. Their lyrical and photographic reflections take us to a Russia we don’t know, remote from the metropolises, and beyond the clichés.

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 October 2017

Sjøland means sea-land. Herbert E. Wiegand and Heike Schmitztake us on a journey along the rugged Norwegian coast with its skerries and islands. The view of the horizon changes gradually, like when observed from a driving car, thanks to the continuity of the panoramic format.
At the same time a textual layer, through notes on the history or geology of the region, among others, extends the reader’s perspective beyond the mere observation of a landscape. Together, the layers of the work provide a many-faceted insight into the reality behind the rural idyll.
Sjøland has already been presented as an exposition in Norway. With the scroll, an adequate format has now been found for a print publication.


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The Fort


Two children build a fort. Once inside, they discover a fantastic magical world – maybe here they’ll even be able to find their cat again? An adventurous search expedition begins: Under water, deep in a forest and through the air they go, from one curious encounter to the next. Until they make a wondrous discovery …

An enchanting story on losing and finding things. In one single long illustration of over ten meters width that invites you to plunge in and join the adventure!

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