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Wilma and Wolf

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Every child knows the story of Little Red Riding Hood. Our parents told it to us as their parents did before and so on and so on. But who is still afraid of wolves – and who has ever seen a real wolf strolling through the woods in full light anyways?

Wilma, our little heroine, knows very well how to handle a wolf should he venture to come out of his fairytale existence. What she doesn’t expect is coming across a most innocent backpacker-wolf who unsuccessfully tries to fit into a hostile human world. Their encounter turns out to be legendary and wickedly funny.

Told in a single illustration without disruptions and full of details and possibilities, this is a classic retold like you have certainly never seen before.

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Illustration by Luisa Stenzel
Text by Luisa Stenzel in collaboration with Juliane Streich
English translation by Carrie Byrne


// Length: 11 m

// Heigth: 20 cm

// Cover: Book linen with imbedded magnets

// Language: English or German

// Delivery: All books are made to order. Production may take up to two days before shipping.


© Round not Square
© Luisa Stenzel


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