A bit of history

November 2013 /// The idea is born after a long day in the sun (too much sun?)

February 2014 /// First printing tryouts fail miserably
May 2014 /// Finally! We manage to print the first full length prototype!
December 2014 /// Production process and cost issues are all cleared; we’re now looking for content

January 2015 /// We meet Larry Yust; our first fan and author
March 2015 /// Round not square is officially founded
June 2015 /// Our Kickstarter campaign is successfully funded and we have the budget to buy production equipment
October 2015 /// First delivery of scrolls. 5 different books are now available!

February 2016 /// We move into our new studio at Eulerstr. 21 in Berlin
April 2016 /// We launch the first ever scrolled notebook!
Juli 2016 /// Book nr. 500 leaves the production and reaches a happy reader
November 2016 /// Our first graphic novel Shipwreck is launched in Munich
Dezember 2016 /// We made it to 1.000 scrolls produced within a little bit more than a year!


Ioan is French and is in charge of all design issues, inventions and numbers.

Antonia is German. She is much more into communications and content.

We do everything by ourselves and we are proud to have founded a small owner-managed and very independent publishing house.



Long before publishing books in their current form, scrolls were the format of choice to reproduce content. Reviving this format is cool in so many ways:

We are able to eliminate pagination and create a real flow of a storyline;

Our images are not limited in size in any way;

The closed scroll is a stylish design object, straight and elegant – a real eye-catcher on your book shelves;

You can read it by yourself on the sofa, share the experience with others reading the same book at the same time or even put the scroll up on your wall.


All our books are printed in Berlin to highest quality standards and they are entirely handbound. Their specific design has been optimized over more than a year of try-outs to enable easy handling and a great reading experience. Each of our books is perceived as a small piece of art.