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Capturing Movement

Life doesn’t stand still. How true! This is why we teamed up with EyeEm, the creative community for photography, and launched a new Photo Mission called Capturing Movement today.

Whilst much of photography is about capturing a posed, still scene, there’s an art to truly capturing the dynamism, speed and movement of real life. Life is full of activity and movement, and the mission is all about communicating that energy in a photograph

We will publish a selection of finalists with full credits – on scroll, printed, designed and handbound in Berlin. Three winners will be selected, whose pictures will be central to the publication. They will receive the first copies of the finished scroll as their reward when it is published.

Since today, this new book can already be pre-ordered through our Kickstarter campaign.

All finalists will be exhibited at Wettbureau in Berlin on June 20th, where one of the three winners will be selected through an “Audience award” by the attendees of the event.

The mission Capturing Movement is online on EyeEm from June 8th, deadline is June 15th, 2015.