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How it began …

Well, how did it begin? Hard to say.

Erste Versuche-AntoniaActually, publishing books on scrolls is an idea we had for quite some time in our heads without really following up on it. But then we decided that it might be time to live a more self-determined life and founding our own thing … and we rethought all these ideas we had along the way – from tasty-flavor-rich baby food (a great idea in fact if you have ever tried a carrot-meat-mashup without seasoning) to opening a bar (classic) or inventing a new magazine (we will definitely do that one day). But we always came back to the scrolls, the mind-opening change of format that stands behind it and the possibilities it would give to artists, readers and publishers.

Erste Versuche-IoanSo after many hours of thinking, discussing, developing, thinking and re-discussing we had our minds set – and our hearts, too. This is what we want to do: bring an ancient form of publishing to new life, make it sparkle and full of design, classic and beautiful at the same time, combining the art of making books with the art of publishing books. Filled with dreams, ideas, plans and expectations we started to work on our project, half-time and at the kitchen table at first but soon full-time. It was September 2014 we moved to Berlin – what a great city to try things – and devoted our time fully to the scrolls.

In March 2015 we founded our own publishing house, named it Round not Square, and here we are… that is how all of this began!