Art photography of an unknown Ireland

signed by the artist



Length: 11 m

Heigth: 20 cm

Cover: Paper, book linen with embedded magnets

Language: English

Limited to 500 numbered copies, printed and manufactured in Berlin.

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“I see no way out of it; nevertheless, we must try and find one”

– Homer

In Eurylochus, Simon Becker takes you through an Ireland from somewhere in between a James Joyce novel and an obscure old fantasy. Once stripped of its lush greens the island looks quite different to the beholder, still indisputably wild and beautiful.

Simon’s talent to focus on the unusual in the usual opens the stage for exceptional and dark settings, unsuspected intruders and a journey full of questions. What appears as an uncertain land of distant dreams at first is slowly evolving as a wrecked reality caught in wild beauty.


 SIMON BECKER is a documentary photographer. He grew up and is based in Berlin, Germany. The moments he captures are beautifully poignant and leave you with more questions than answers. His perception is defined by the big questions of his generation – the feeling of endless possibilities on the one hand and loss of hold and confidence on the other. Walking down a street next to him, you’d suddenly see him focusing his camera on a situation which would have disappeared within the blink of an eye, capturing instants that add up to make our time.

As Simon shows a partiality for the dark and unexplainable, he often does not seek to enlighten the audience with supplementary information. What appears as an inner contradiction – documentation without explanation, questions without answers – might come as the expression of his generation’s approach to life. While seeking answers, we are aware that we might not find them or end up with more questions than we started with. Simon does not pretend to offer a way out – as there might not be one. However, while not presenting explanations or solutions, Simon guides you through this scroll like a captain through the fog. His photography goes back to the roots of this art, with that very straight and unmodified subjectivity of the photographer at the core of the undertaking.


The documentary pictures in Eurylochus are all taken with a Canon 5D Mark II camera and 35mm lens. Simon has been published in both mainstream and specialized press, from the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung to Leica Fotografie International and radiate magazine.

Becker’s extraordinary photography can be experienced not only in a scroll, but also as beautiful single Art Prints.

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