Grimm’s “merkwürdige und liebevolle Sau”


A 170-year-old comic marvel rediscovered

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Length: 15 m

Heigth: 20 cm

Materials: Paper, book linen with embedded magnets

Language: German

Printed and manufactured in Berlin


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 We all know his drawings, but hardly anyone knows the painter: Ludwig Emil Grimm has always stood in the shadow of his famous brothers, for whose fairytales he provided many illustrations. It is only now that his genius is discovered: Grimm drew several comic stories on self-made paper scrolls, setting the stage for such famous classics as “Max und Moritz” by Wilhelm Busch.

This one is a story about a pig. But not just any odd pig!
It is a story about the life of the especially peculiar and loving pig from Ihringshausen. That its life, being a pig, has to come to an abrupt end cannot be changed but this is by no means the end of the story!
In his wonderfully absurd comic story, Grimms draws a tongue-in-cheek portrait of his compatriots with a pointed pen and a lot of black humour. 

Almost 170 years later, the story is again available in the originally intended format. We publish two different editions of the scroll: One that is based closely on the original with Grimm’s own handwritten texts in Sütterlin script (top image), and a modernized version that has been colored and transcribed for today’s readers (bottom image).


born in 1983, has turned his hobby into a career and works as a comic researcher. He completed his studies of Modern German Literature at the Leibniz University of Hannover with a master’s thesis on Christian August Vulpius in the context of comic research. Currently, he’s pursuing his doctorate with a focus on 19th century sequential illustrated broadsheets. He started giving lectures on comics and fairytales in 2014. Besides his occupation as a researcher and author, Julian is a musician and a blogger on

Upon hearing that Round not Square, a young publishing company, had reinvented the scroll, he knew: These people had to hear about Ludwig Emil Grimm! And that’s how he brought about this edition of the “Pig from Ihringshausen”.

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