Sjøland Print #4


The panorama of a land between sea and sky.



Herbert E. Wiegand

Giclée Print on Hanemühle Fine Art Museum Etching (350g/m2, 100 % cotton, off-white)

Print dimensions: 43cm x 100cm 

Motives: 45/46/47

Limited to: 10, signed

Herbert E. Wiegand’s linocuts take us on a journey along the rugged Norwegian coast with its skerries and islands. The view of the horizon changes gradually, like when observed from a driving car, thanks to the continuity of the panoramic format. 

Selected motifs from Sjøland are now available as exclusive and limited prints. According to our principles, with these prints we focus on highest quality and a format that is anything but standard.

Sjøland Print #4 ist a composite of linocut 45, 46 and 47, all of which can also be purchased individually from the artist. Click here to visit Herbert E. Wiegand’s website.

      The original linocuts by Herbert E. Wiegand

For further information on the art scroll, click here.

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