What’s in the box?


How does the box get to the girl? And what might be inside of it? An elefant or rather a kitten?

We won’t tell you what’s actually inside the box. But you can expect:

  • the most adorable documentation of a supply chain worldwide
  • an almost 10m long extraordinary illustration without interruption
  • for children from age 2 and their parents (godmother, favourite grandfather,…)
  • Printed and manufactured in Berlin
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Length: 10 m

Heigth: 20 cm

Materials: Paper, book linen with embedded magnets

Language: English & German

Printed and manufactured in Berlin


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What’s in the box?, wonder the captain, the bus driver and the postman as they transport their cargo. An elefant? A monkey? Or rather a rhinoceros? The journey takes them overland, over sea and up through the air, but only when the box arrives at its destination is the secret revealed.

In this exceptional scroll, the Belgian author Pieter Gaudesaboos brings different themes brilliantly together. Not only different means of transport are used – the box travels with plain, ship, bus and lastly with bicycle – but one can also find a range of sites where the journey takes place: harbour and train station, as well as city and village.

This book not only skilfully plays with various scales, but also with our own imagination as everyone comes to visualize the content of the box themself. Rhinoceros, monkey or cat, what is actually in there? Alongside this playful search, there is much else to discover.

There has never been a more wonderful journey of a box

With his subtle, humorous illustrations, the Belgian artist Pieter Gaudesaboos follows the transportation route of a box – on almost 10 metres! Children as well as adults love this scroll because it surprises, excites and charms everyone.

The box travels from airplane to ship to bus to bicycle

An elefant or rather just a cat? What's eventually in the box?

Besides this mysterious being inside the box, there are plenty more animals to discover within this detailed illustration. A fun and puzzling experience for young and old.

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English, German