Capturing Movement




A book with the stunning images from our photo mission for which we teamed up with EyeEm and their vibrant community.

So often in photography we wait for a moment of stillness, but what about photographs depicting movement? Vibrant, alive and exciting to look at, we are thrilled to present the newest of our publications featuring all 24 images of the final selection of this photo mission on scroll.

About 8000 pictures got handed in by over 2000 photographers… mind-blowing. The final selection was exhibited in Berlin on Saturday, 20th June 2015. Out of this gorgeous collection, we awarded three winners: Constantin Schiller (Best Metaphor), Rachel Chua (Public Choice) and Eric Youn (for the Best Picture).

The final selection was exhibited in Berlin by Round not Square. Read about the exhibition in our blog and see the exhibited photographies here.


// Length: 10m

// Heigth: 20cm

// Cover: Handmade paper with embedded magnets. 4 different cover designs are available and attributed by chance.

// Delivery: All books are made to order. Production may take up to two days before shipping.


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