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Shipwreck is a graphic novel by Paul Rietzl. It tells the story of a distant galaxy in which – after years and decades of war – the last survivors of the great battle lead their existence as salvagers in the remains of civilization. Only a huge debris field is left of the realm of the god emperor which was once filled with starlight and  technology. Now, the interstellar hierarchy and the well-being of the remaining clans is determined by their access to exploitable junk and technological remains of greater times.

In the middle of this new order, Oishi is the samurai comander of the Asano Clan. He tries to ensure a worthy life for himself and his comrades. But, after a failed encounter between his ruler Naganori and Kira, the right hand of the Shogun, Naganori is dragged into the game of power and thrones. Oishi, who was always trying to get along within the rules of the game, starts questioning his role and the destructive structures of the galaxy.

Drawn over 15m length, this exceptional graphic novel will take you through new dimensions of storytelling.

Illustration and story: Paul Rietzl


// Length: 15 m

// Heigth: 20 cm

// Cover: Paper & book linen with embedded magnets

// Language: German – translations will follow

// Delivery: All books are made to order. Due to very high demand at the moment, delivery may take up to one week.

© Round not Square
© Paul Rietzl

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