Catching the Eye #011-#250




Larry Yust is known for his photographic elevations showing streets in such perfection and love of detail that you feel like you were there. Presenting his images in books has always been a challenge. At Round not Square, we believe that involuntary adjustments to standardized formats should be a thing of the past: we are proud to present Larry Yust’s work at its best in our aesthetic scroll format.


The result is more than a book: 32 of Larrys’ images printed in gallery quality are manually bound as an incredibly long and classily designed scroll. Limited to 250 copies, it is the first edition ever to be published as a PRIVATE COLLECTION. More details can be found here.

Our private collections are very limited. To stay informed, drop us a note at

A collection of 32 of Larry Yust’s most colorful photographic elevations printed in full size and in gallery quality. The book comes with two black wooden spools and a custom box – it is produced and handbound in Berlin. All books are numbered and signed by Larry Yust. Books numbered from #011 to #250 – certificate by Round not Square included

by Larry Yust


// Length: 31m

// Heigth: 33cm

// Cover: Black and white screen print with inlayed magnets

// Delivery: only per direct order – may take up to two weeks to be produced and shipped


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