Sjøland: Art scroll




Sjøland means sea-land. Herbert E. Wiegand’s lino cuts take us on a journey along the rugged Norwegian coast with its skerries and islands. The trip is by ferry, later through a tunnel under the sea. The continuity of the horizon is broken by fleeting impressions, the vastness of the coastal panorama contrasted with the tunnel’s almost claustrophobic darkness.
Thanks to the scroll format, the prints can unfold over a length of twenty meters.

A special art book for Scandinavia & design fans.

We also have two smaller Sjøland scrolls in our portfolio: The two 20 cm x 10 m scrolls aditionally contain a story about a voyage to the islands. For more information, please click >> here.
Find out more about the artist and all editions >> on our website.


// Length: 20 m

// Heigth: 29,7 cm

// Cover: Birch wood with embedded magnets

// All books are made to order. Production may take up to two days before shipping.

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Classic, Coloured (erscheint im September)


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