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The Audience Award – Capturing Movement

Last Saturday we invited the public to help us chose the audience award of the photo mission we initiated with EyeEm and their great community. About 8000 images were handed in by over 2000 photographers around the world – imagine! Those are impressive numbers. And even more amazingly: we received loads of impressive images!

So before making the Jury decisions on the winners, we wanted to give you all a chance to choose your favorite picture out of our final selection of 24 outstanding images. Taking the global set-up of the artists into account we decided to have two days of Facebook voting before the actual event.

On Saturday then we had a remarkable evening, combining the Finissage of our exhibition at the Wettbureau in Berlin-Wedding, with the offline voting for the Audience Award, some champagne and Jessica Nay’s beautiful music: Noah’s tape live in concert.

The most extraordinary moment of my evening was definitely to get to know two really cool girls who had just had a 6 hour drive to be there – this totally made my day!!

And last but not least: we are proud to announce Rachel Chua (@rachlannchuaa) as the winner of the Audience ard. Congratulations, Rachel! Your picture has made its way to the hearts of hundreds!

#9 by Rachel Chua

Capturing Movement by Rachel Chua

Thank you all for being there!

Below you can see the Top 4 images of the Audience Award, congrats to all of you!

NrArtistEyeEm Total no of votes
#9Rachel Chua@rachlannchuaa263
#4Eric Youn@serlaluz168
#6Priscila Lima@la_lima115
#14Flavio Edreira@flavioedreira111