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The shooting

Tomorrow (or rather in a few hours) starts our crowdfunding campaign on This campaign is the centerpiece of our last months, full of new insights, work and fun. Preparations are almost complete, the project page is going to be ready within the next hours, and the link, dear reader, you will receive it tomorrow via three different channels at least (if not, communications went wrong we learned).

The centerpiece of the campaign is the video. This little movie which is supposed to have everything: explanations and atmosphere, authenticity and entertainment. This little movie grew very big on us – we are no experts on conceptualizing videos, or on shooting movies. On the other hand we wanted something special, professionally done but still representing our small publishing house and our long-grown ideas. Then an angel came along and presented us to “Das gute Werk”. That is German for the good deed. And this is what they did: a good deed.

The best thing about it was the fun and the good humor. The shooting started with croissants and coffee and went on being much easier than we expected. And this is how it went on… The team was full of good ideas and relaxed enthusiasm. Open for all ideas, they never lost the oversight or inner structure. They managed to present our scrolls at their best.

After a lot of versions, discussions and editing down (thank you for your patience, guys!) we have now the finished piece in our hands and I must say, I am really proud. No spoilers now, I shouldn’t tell you too much about the content or the ending, just this: it is so much better than we could have hoped for.

A huge thank you is all there is left to say! And now we hope the campaign will be as much fun..

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