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What comes next

Since September last year, we fully dedicate our time to filling Round not Square with life. Many things have happened: great ideas have been developed, dreams have taken shape and other plans have been buried. Every single step, every drawback and every oh so little success added to where we are now.

We have officially founded Round not Square GmbH, we validated our production steps, we learned soooo much about paper and at least as much about printing technologies, we set up our website – and perhaps most importantly we planned our first publications and gained the trust and enthusiasm of our great artists we are now working with.

And now it comes to the biggest step in our company history (so far): the crowdfunding campaign we will start on Kickstarter the 29th of May.

This will be step one for our publishing house to gain momentum. It is also meant to be the proof that our concept works, that people will love scrolls as much as we do and that the format makes sense for artists and beholders, for design fans, art lovers and book addicts. During the time of this campaign which is set to be online for 37 days we want to collect at least 10.000 Euros for buying the printing machines that we need to get going. We are planning and preparing on full speed to be successfully funded on the 4th of July, and we put our hearts and souls (and sweat and tears) in making things work out.

For this, dear reader, we will need much help and your support. So mark the date: 29th of May. Draw flowers and smileys all around it, tell all your friends, prepare yourselves and don’t be afraid: we will remind you again.

Campaign dates: 29th of May 2015 – 4th of July 2015 on

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