Reading a scroll is easy!

The basics of scroll reading:

Take your time. You’ll have read hundreds of books in your life, but this is probably the first time you hold a scroll. So it’s only natural it should take some getting used to. But we promise, you’ll have mastered scrolling in no time!

The right reading environment
At least for your first attempt, we recommend putting your scroll on a table or another solid surface. This way you’ll be able to focus on the content of the scroll rather than on the act of handling it.

Let the paper help
If you’ve ever tried to flatten a rolled poster, you’ll know that paper, once rolled up, has a natural tendency to stay that way. In our case, that’s very helpful! After a couple of turns, all you need to do is guide your scroll gently and it will almost roll itself.

How fragile is a scroll?

Like any other book, our scrolls aren’t immune to wear-and-tear, so they like to be handled with some care. But they’re a lot more robust than you might think, so relax and enjoy the reading experience! Just maybe don’t read in the tub.

Enjoy company?
Scrolls are particularly well suited to be enjoyed by two or even more people at once. Try it, it’s fun!  


And now step by step

1. Open the scroll
: The cover is flexible and held together by small magnets

2. Roll out the scroll 
to the right, then bend the cover back into a – now empty – roll. Roll it just as tight as it was and the magnets will keep it in shape. This roll is what you use to wind the rest of the book onto.

3. Scroll through: 
Roll out the scroll as far as you like and start enjoying its content. Once you’re ready to move on, guide the paper to roll back around the cover on your left, and unroll the right side.

4. Need a break? 
Let go of both sides of the scroll and it will curl up where you stopped reading. 

5. Done? 
It’s time to rewind! There’s no way around it, so go for it and embrace the analogue experience.
6. Doesn’t close?
No worries: Rolling the scroll up more tightly should do the trick. The easiest way to do this is to put the scroll upright, then put a finger in its center or press lightly with the fingertips onto the top, and turn the cover counterclockwise.

We’re always happy to hear back from you! Please send us your stories, experiences, photos, criticism, praise …
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Enjoy scrolling!


About scroll design

Each of the books is a small piece of art. Our cover designs aim both to make the reading experience as easy as possible and transform the book into a beautiful piece you will never want to hide in a drawer. We use classic binding techniques and materials to preserve the classy feeling of high quality books.

and production

Manufacturing a scroll is quite an art and we have taken over a year to pick the right materials and optimize our production processes.

ON DEMAND: Every book is printed on demand, especially for you.

THE PAPER: Paper is the key to our reading experience. Our paper is chosen specifically for its warm touch, its excellent color rendering and of course its curl – the mechanical quality which ensures that it stays rolled and rolls back from itself for an easy handling of the scroll.

THE PRINTING: Printing an endless length of paper requires the newest printing technologies both in hardware and in software. To make sure that your scroll turns out perfectly, we have our own printing capacities and are able to control and optimize every single step of the process.

All of our books are printed on demand – the book you order is made especially for you!

THE COVER MATERIAL: For a stunning cover, we chose both classical and modern materials, always looking for the highest quality. Most of our books are bound with linen which is not only a beautiful material but also a renewable one.

THE BINDING: Inspired by classical binding techniques and the challenge of making a highly flexible and resistant cover, we invented a completely new book cover. Behind the beautiful outside materials our covers work with innovative strengthening materials and inlayed magnets to make sure that you can open and close them easily.