Read a scroll – it’s so easy

Reading our scrolls is really easy:

1. Open the cover: It’s flexible and fixed by three pairs of small magnets

2. Clip the cover into a roll: Just close the cover on the magnets to have a second roll in your left hand

3. Get started: You now have two rolls in your hand. Pull a length of paper. Ease your grip on the left hand and guide the paper to roll back.

4. When you need a break: Just lay down the book and it will close at the exact place where you stopped reading. Just don’t leave it on slippery slope…

5. When you’re done: rewind and enjoy the time for reflection and the analog experience!

6. If the cover does not close after rewinding because the scroll is too big, make it tighter by pulling the cover while holding the book with one finger in the center of the scroll

And three other things:

– You can read the scroll with one, two, three, four other people; try it out: it‘s great fun!
– This book loves to be stored standing and tightly rolled in a place where everybody can see it
– It helps to read this book – at least the first time – on a table or the floor or any stable underground.

About the design …

Each of the books is perceived a small piece of art.

Our cover designs aim both to make the reading experience as easy as possible and transform the book into a beautiful piece you would never want to hide in a drawer.

We use classic binding techniques and materials to preserve the classy feeling of high quality books.

 and production

Manufacturing a scroll is quite an art and we have taken over a year to choose the right materials and optimize our production processes.


Every book is printed on demand, especially for you.


Paper is the key to our reading experience. Our paper is chosen specifically for its warm touch, its excellent color rendering and of course its curl – the mechanical quality which ensures that it stays rolled and rolls back from itself for an easy handling of the scroll.


Printing an endless length of paper requires the newest printing technologies both in hardware and in software. To make sure that your scroll turns out perfectly, we have our own printing capacities and are able to control and optimize every single step of the process.

All of our books are printed on demand – the book you order is made especially for you!


For a stunning cover, we chose both classical and modern materials, always looking for the highest quality. Most of our books are bound with linen which is not only a beautiful material but also a renewable one.


Inspired by classical binding techniques and the challenge of making a highly flexible and resistant cover, we invented a completely new book cover. Behind the beautiful outside materials our covers work with innovative strengthening materials and inlayed magnets to make sure that you can open and close them easily.