The Highrise

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The Highrise is the entertaining comic of a 102 story house community. Both the text and the illustrations are full of Greve’s dry humour.
The scroll has been awarded the Max und Moritz-Preis 2016 for the best German language comic strip.

What to expect:

  • 102 prizewinning stories in one Comic
  • Printed and manufactured in Berlin
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Length: 7 m

Heigth: 20 cm

Materials: Paper, book linen with embedded magnets

Languages: German, English

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102 floors in one Comic

Katharina Greve’s award-winning cartoon project just had to become our first ever scroll in a vertical format: 102 floors on one continuous page! Brimming over with witty punchlines and keen observations from basement to attic a colorful panorama enfolds – not just of one house community, but society as a whole.

Max und Moritz-award: Best German Comic-Strip 2016

Because of its cross-section layout the Highrise provides unsparing insights into the private lives of its residents. This is particularly funny because of the variety of people all living under the same roof: A retired couple as well as a professional burglar. The held conversations concern topics from a run down marriage, the refugee crisis to simply who takes the rubbish down to the bin.

A tongue-in-cheek snapshot of life behind German facades.


Katharina Greve was born in Hamburg in 1972. After studying architecture at TU Berlin, she now works as a cartoonist, comic artist and author. Her work regularly appears in Titanic, DAS MAGAZIN, taz, stern and on

Greve’s Highrise can be experienced not only in a scroll, but also as an eye-catching single Art Print.

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