Systems of Movement

This scroll is an appeal to the limitlessness of imagination, in which there is no “wrong”. Lisa Homburger invites us to experience the (own) body as a dancing body by drawing different choreographies unfolding on 16m.

Available in a limited edition of 30 copies in large format.

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Length: 16 m

Heigth: 29,7 cm

Materials: Book linen with embedded magnets

Language: English

Limited edition of 30 scrolls

Printed and manufactured in Berlin

All books are made to order. Please allow 1-2 days before shipping

Choreographies on paper, a dancing imagination.

In Systems of Movement, the artist and dancer Lisa Homburger invites us to explore the potential movement holds as a force of the imagination. Imagining your body as a dancing body, executing (im)possible movements.

Over 16 meters we follow the graphic notations of choreographies which encourage us to play, to take a risk or to dream in multiple ways.

When experiencing movement on paper the fixed parameter of a body moving in space is removed and we are asked to take a different approach.

Scoring movement is an attempt to reduce the status of the One, the choreographer, and to share agency with you, the reader. A multiplicity. An endless exchange between the scores and the imagination.

This scroll is an appeal to the limitlessness of the imagination where there is no “wrong”.
The act of thinking as the act of doing. Or to say it in the words of Yvonne Rainer: “The mind is a muscle”.


LISA HOMBURGER works as a freelance artist and performance maker. She holds an undergraduate degree in Contemporary Dance and has a background in Literature Studies.  Recently, she acquired a MFA in Performing Arts from the Iceland Academy of the Arts where she further developed her interdisciplinary practice and started working with systems of communication.
She has worked and studied with Rimini Protokoll, Franco B, Boyle & Shaw and Ant Hampton amongst others and most recently realised projects in Germany, Iceland and Switzerland.

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